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Periodic Driver CPC Training

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Our Periodic Driver CPC courses are carefully designed to be of the highest relevance to today's drivers. Our unique position in the transport industry enables us to work with clients from a wide range of industries and see the problems that they face. We have many years of experience in dealing with transport, fleet management and real world driver issues and this enables us to create courses that are second to none in their relevance and quality of content.


Our Current CPC Accredited Courses


LGV Pre-Use Inspection and Defect Reporting


PCV Pre-Use Inspection and Defect Reporting


Since the introduction of graduated fixed penalties in 2009, drivers risk being fined at the roadside if defects are found on their vehicles which should have been picked up by a pre-use inspection.

This 7 hour, eye opening Driver CPC course brings drivers up to speed with graduated fixed penalties and provides awareness of the type of things that should be checked, what constitutes a defect on the vehicle and how to ensure that you don't receive graduated fixed penalties to ultimately avoid getting points on your licence.....


Drivers Hours Regulations


This 7 hour Driver CPC course provides a complete working knowledge of both EU and GB Drivers hours rules. Including, correct tachograph use, common mistakes with analogue and digital tachographs, Working Time Directive, information and an overview of the graduated fixed penalties that could apply if caught not following the rules......( more details )


Compliance Awareness - Operator Licensed Vehicles


This course has been designed to provide drivers of HGV and PSV vehicles with the understanding of Operator Licensing and how they act in their duties as a driver affects the Operator Licence of a Company.....( more details )


Case Studies


"OLMC have developed a one day training course that provides an excellent working knowledge of operator licensing for Business owners and Transport Managers."


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