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Operators Licence Compliance Awareness

Course Overview


It is essential that Transport Managers, Company Directors and business owners have a good understanding of Operator Licensing. Vehicle Drivers also need to have a good overview of what operator licensing is all about. After all, they are the people behind the wheel, using the vehicles on the road.

This Driver focussed course provides a good awareness of how operator licensing affects a business and why they need to follow the procedures and processes their employers have in place.


Course Content


To provide delegates with a clear understanding of the following subject matter


  • Drivers Hours, legislation and worked examples providing drivers with a full understanding of how to comply with the law.

  • Working Time Directive; to provide an overview of the working time regulations and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

  • Graduated Fixed Penalties & Prohibitions as a result of breaches.

  • Potential Implications of committing an offence.

  • An overview of the Operator Compliance Risk Score.


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Other Information


  • Course Duration: Full day (7 hours of training plus breaks).
  • Cost: £69.99 per driver (this price includes the £8.75 DSA upload fee!)


This course can be provided at the client site, please contact us for details



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Case Studies


"OLMC have developed a one day training course that provides an excellent working knowledge of operator licensing for Business owners and Transport Managers."


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